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Having trouble navigating difficult conversations?

The Leadership Conversation: Make Bold Change, One Conversation At A Time by Rose Fass. Two books stacked on each other.

Rose Fass expertly shares simplified strategies for having effective conversations. Learn how to change the conversation to change hearts and minds, and ultimately get to the outcome you want to achieve.

“A must read for those who need to lead others through challenging times.”

Ajay Banga, Mastercard Executive Chair

The Leadership Conversation: Make Bold Change, One Conversation At A Time by Rose Fass. How to navigate difficult conversations.
Hand holding an open The Leadership Conversation book with texts and a contour illustration of three people.

“Some of the most important conversations are the ones you have with yourself.”

What’s the book about?

I wrote this book to bring to light the need for artful conversations. I genuinely believe leadership happens in the conversation. Face to face, in an email, or in a public forum...on the world stage, in business, in our personal lives, we have exchanged civil discourse for a dueling monologue.
- Rose Fass

The single factor that determines success or failure on the public stage, in private interactions and in business today is the conversation. Great leaders are great communicators. They are consistent in their public and private conversations.

Experienced corporate business leader and change consultant, Rose Fass, confidently asserts that leadership is a conversation. In her new book, The Leadership Conversation, Rose Fass shows her readers how to change the conversation to change hearts and minds, and ultimately to change the outcome.

Whether you are a politician looking to bring about much needed change, a parent or family member hoping to set loved ones on the right path, or a business leader setting direction to achieve growth goals; it all happens in the conversation. Rose Fass understands, something too many leaders forget, that big bold change happens one conversation at a time.

This book, like her first book, The Chocolate Conversation: Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform your Business, reads like a novel, is filled with wisdom and straight talk, all with humor and real life examples.

Seven types of conversations diagram. Drive Performance, Sell an idea, Change someone's mind, Share information, Resolve a problem, Recognize performance, Correct performance.
Contour drawing of three people with business questions such as Are we relevant, Are we listening to them
Diagram of Worldview, Standards and Concern. Worldview is How we see the world. Standards is the bar we set for ourselves and others. Concerns is our unmet needs.

Find more helpful illustrations like these in the book.

Who is Rose Fass?

Rose Fass is the founder and CEO of fassforward Consulting Group, a leading-edge business transformation boutique. Rose works with executive teams from Fortune 500 companies. Her work delivers thought leadership along with methodologies, and tools that enable clients to address tough challenges, solve complex business problems, execute on their strategies, and deliver bottom-line results.

A dynamic speaker, Rose is frequently invited to speak at private and public sector events. She has been a guest on CNBC, is quoted in several bestselling business books and is the author of the, The Chocolate Conversation: Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform your Business. She is listed in Forbes' 2012, Top 10 Women Business Leaders of New York. fassforward has been awarded the Inc. 500/5000 for three consecutive years.

Rose has a bachelor's degree from Boston University's School of Management and completed the Advanced Executive Studies Program at Harvard Business School.

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10 things this book will teach you.

  1. Reframe a conversation.
  2. Lead change in your business.
  3. Find your relevance.
  4. Practice message discipline.
  5. Navigate mergers and acquisitions successfully.
  6. Have deep, honest, and raw conversations - with yourself & your people.
  7. Identify change that is needed, and how to change the course when necessary.
  8. Move beyond your conversational comfort zone.
  9. Up your emotional intelligence game by reading the gauges and pushing the right buttons.
  10. Move from destructive dissent to constructive dissent.

...and much more.

The Leadership Conversation make bold change, one conversation at a time. Book by Rose Fass on a solid pink background.
The Leadership Conversation make bold change, one conversation at a time. Book by Rose Fass on a solid pink background.

Praise for The Leadership Conversation.

Rose has been a trusted advisor and mentor to me for the last several years. She is uniquely gifted with deep leadership insights and an astute perspective on how organizations work. I always found her advice, grounded in integrity and with a very positive intent, to be thoughtful, insightful, pragmatic and highly actionable — in short, truly invaluable. She brings that same approach to her second book, which is a must-read for leaders in all organizations.”

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business, Mastercard

“Every leader has a pivotal moment in their career when they are called upon to lift the organization to meet a challenge. We needed to make a dramatic change in market share and mindset, and that is where Rose Fass and the fassforward team came in. As a people leader if you want to have an immediate impact on your organization, The Leadership Conversation will give you a blueprint to drive bold changes. Rose’s insights and coaching strategy will set you on the path to creating award-winning employee and customer experiences that drive confidence and loyalty.”

Kevin Zavaglia, VP Mass Market at Intuit

“I’ve been working with Rose and the fassforward team for over 18 years. If you want to change the conversation, lead through the tough plays and build something truly special don’t go on the field without this playbook!”

Martha Delehanty, Chief People Officer, Commvault & former CHRO, Verizon Business

“At Real Chemistry, our central organizing principle is to get ‘in relationship’ with our customers, people and patients, and to help our clients do the same to make the world a healthier place for all. The fact is that leadership is communication, from intimate conversations, to wider-reaching audiences, across the full-spectrum of communications channels. Rose Fass' The Leadership Conversation brings this powerful concept to life and provides actionable guidance on how to have the right conversations, with the right people at the right times to drive the right outcomes.”

Jim Weiss, Chairman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Real Chemistry & Jennifer Gottlieb, Global President

“Constructive conversations begin with a willingness to listen, because there is always something we can learn from other people. In both her work with Mastercard executives and this book, Rose shows how listening and learning leads to respect, and how that respect leads to the kind of thoughtful and hard conversations that lead to progress. A must read for those who need to lead others through challenging times.”

Ajay Banga, Mastercard Executive Chair

“True leadership is about rallying your employees around a central mission, and inspiring them into action. The fact is that people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care. As a key strategic partner, Rose has been an integral part of our transformational journey to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers. A masterful, timely read, The Leadership Conversation is a testament to Fass’ ability to unlock the reader’s full potential.”

Tami Erwin, CEO, Verizon Business

Rose has a lot to share! Hear her speak about her passions with others.

The Leadership Conversation with Rose Fass.

Do you have your eye on a leadership position in your organization or perhaps you're well on your way climbing up that ladder, but you could use a mentor. Maybe you could use someone to help you communicate your leadership style a little bit better. Well, you're in luck today.

The most important conversation is the one you have with yourself.

Hear how to really think about the conversations you're having. What if you could see the world through a fresh lens?

Effective leadership conversation techniques.

Today’s topics are locked-in on effective conversation techniques for leaders. This is a must-have skill for leaders to engage in meaningful conversations with their teams.

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